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bathroom remodelSpring has sprung, which means it’s prime time for bathroom remodeling projects. From faucet upgrades to whole-bathroom renovations that tear down the walls, homeowners are getting their homes ready for summer.

But if you’re looking at a bathroom renovation project for the spring, it can be tough to know where to begin. Keep reading to get a look at some of the most popular bathroom upgrades.

If there’s one thing that dates a bathroom, it’s the cabinetry. Outdated wood paneling or other colors and door handles can make a bathroom look much older or dingy than it actually is. Refacing your cabinets is sometimes the more cost-effective option, especially if the underlying cabinet material is still in good shape. But if your cabinets are falling apart, replacing the entire unit completely is definitely worth your consideration. Opting for a striking black or white color and knobs with a shiny finish can give your bathroom a sleek, modern feel.

According to a Houzz survey, almost 91% of participants said they planned on installing a more efficient toilet during their bathroom renovations. If you’re thinking about getting a new toilet, it’s important that you have a plumbing inspection performed before you attempt to install it. The only thing worse than a bad toilet is a bad plumbing job that keeps your new toilet from working. But if your inspection comes up clean, your new toilet could save you water and make your bathroom look brand new.

Is there anything more dreary than old, worn-down tile in your bathroom? After you’ve had plumbing services inspect your pipes, you should get to work on that floor. Crisp, white tiles are always a classic option, but if you want an even more unique look, black or dark green tiles can add a little pizzazz to your bathroom.

Investing in a bathroom remodeling project is certainly no small feat, but if you’re careful in selecting the features you want, your bathroom is sure to look absolutely spectacular when it’s finished. What are you waiting for? Bathroom remodeling season is here, and you need to get started.