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plumbing servicesAh, plumbing. We all love it and take it for granted until something goes wrong and we find ourselves at our neighbors’ house using their shower. While plumbing has been around since the Ancient Roman times, our bathrooms of today are bigger and better than even Julius Caesar could imagine.

However, it is crucial that you treat your bathroom and plumbing services like the sanctuary it is. Preventative maintenance is key, and here are some of our favorite tips and tricks to keep your plumbing flowing all year round.

  • Invest in a water softener – Hard water causes a lot of different problems, including stains and rust on your pipes, dingy clothes, and dishes that don’t seem to get clean. All these extra minerals in the water can also cause a build up in your pipes, which can lead to needing an emergency plumber right away. Investing in a small water softener will ensure your pipes stay in good shape and your water tastes clean.
  • Don’t forget about your sump pump – We know how easy it can be to forget about your sump pump, as it is most likely hidden in your basement where you can’t really see it. But, the U.S. Department of Housing and Development estimates the average life expectancy of a sump pump to be 10 years. To keep it lasting this long, invest in sump pump repair if it is acting strange and always replace after a decade.
  • Know where to go – It is always a good idea to know where to go when it comes to your plumbing — you need to know exactly where the main water valve and the sewer valve are in case you have to take action immediately. Even just turning off the sewer and water pipes can save you a lot of damage while the plumbing services are on their way.
  • Keep the frozen pipes at bay – The easiest way to prevent frozen pipes in the winter is to always keep the water flowing so they don’t have the ability to freeze! All you need to do is keep your faucet running just a tad all day so the water is continuously moving.

Don’t wait until there is a problem to call our Colorado Springs Plumbers. Simply keeping an eye out for red flags and investing in preventative maintenance is all that you need to ensure your plumbing system stays in great shape no matter the season.