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emergency plumberA home’s sump pump is usually out of sight and out of mind. But this isn’t a good practice to have since a sump pump requires a lot of routine maintenance to ensure it is kept in good condition at all times. After all, no one wants to call an emergency plumber for sump pump repair in the middle of a flood!

Sump pumps can be considered the holy grail of plumbing because they are responsible for keeping a home’s basement from flooding. However, not many homeowners really understand exactly what their sump pump is all about, so here are some things you should know:

They push water out of the house instead of in
Simply speaking, the plumbing in your home is composed of two separate subsystems. One brings freshwater in and the other takes wastewater out. Sump pumps are there to make sure the groundwater that builds up around the walls of your basement is flushed into the nearby sewers.

How they work is relatively simple
The sump pump sits in a tank called the sump pit and the water enters via weeping tiles. Drainage rock channels all the water into the pit, and once the water reaches a certain level, the sump pump will activate and discharge it back through a drainage pipe.

Sump pumps don’t work when the power is out
So because of this, it is always best to have a portable generator for these situations just in case. Since water is constantly seeping around your home, the sump pump is always working and will need to have a consistent power source to prevent your basement from getting flooded.

They last a long time
The best thing about a sump pump is that they can last up to 20 years if properly maintained. To keep them lasting as long as possible, always make sure debris is removed from the pit, clean the filter every few months, and routinely check to ensure the float isn’t stuck. If any of these things go ignored, you may have an emergency plumber knocking on your door in no time at all.

Sump pumps are one of the most reliable forms of plumbing services available to a homeowner, as their sole job is to keep water from wreaking havoc in your home. If you have any questions about sump pump maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced plumbing contractors today.